Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney

Are you looking for a drink driving lawyer Sydney? You may have a friend or loved one who is facing charges on driving under the influence and you need the right people that give good advice and counsel.

drink-driving-lawyers-sydneyLet it be said that driving when drunk is a very bad idea that you should never, ever attempt to do. Ever. You might not know it but drunk driving is one of the leading causes of deaths on the road in Australia. You don’t want to be a cause of another statistic, or know someone who is.

Make no mistake, there is nothing more crucial than hiring a good drink driving lawyer Sydney for this serious offence. It can mean the world of difference to the person who is being arrested for this criminal offence. Try Brigitte Simeonides & Associates – (02) 9533 2269

It is likely that this is your first time to look for a lawyer to help you in a DUI case. It is understandably very traumatic for everyone concerned because it is a potentially life altering incident that would in all probability never happen again to the present offender. There are a lot of factors that needs to be considered, and one of them is how to handle the injured party.

Your lawyer will need to advise you on how to go about this the right way. Definitely the offender will not have the most favourable reaction to the aggrieved party and it is better for everyone concerned that an objective third party will mediate. This is where hiring a drink driving lawyer Sydney will be helpful.

Because they have experience in these sorts of cases, they will assess a fair remuneration for the damages incurred. While it may be the drunk driver’s fault, it is no reason for anyone to take advantage of the accident, which sometimes happens in these cases. Negotiations are not the easiest task even in normal circumstances, even more when something like this occurs.

Now, let’s say that the first time offender has not been in an accident which involves another person – good. However, you still need a lawyer to help with regard to the fines, penalties and other punishments. Fines usually amount to anywhere between $500 and $3000, and there can also be prison time for 3 to 9 months, depending on the severity of the incident and your background and prior criminal record, if any. And lastly you can also expect to be disqualified from driving for a period – again the period will depend upon the seriousness of the offence and other factors.

For people who have been arrested, they can either defend themselves, ask for a defence lawyer to represent them if they qualify for Legal Aid, or they can hire their own lawyer. If you have the funds for this, I strongly suggest you go for the third option and hire the best possible counsellor with the right credentials whose objective is to provide you with assistance and aim for the best outcome for this trying time.

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