Not Guilty Lawyers

Not GuiltyNot guilty – these are the sweetest words you can tell a person who has been charged with some crime that he or she did not do. If this was you, wouldn’t you want to find the right team around you who will help you make sure that you are not convicted of offences that you have not committed?

If you’re thinking that you’re a pretty straight person and you are in no danger for committing crime – then you might be surprised. There are certain things that do not seem like a big thing at first, but you may end up hiring not guilty lawyers after learning more.

For instance, everyone knows that driving under the influence is considered a crime. If you did not pass a random breath test (meaning your blood alcohol concentration level reading is higher than the legal limit), then you can be convicted of a crime – a blemish on your criminal record.

As you can imagine, not everyone who is called in for drunk driving are completely irresponsible and/or seedy characters. More often than not, these are regular people (yes, like you and me) who had a couple of drinks before heading home. Now ideally you don’t drive home when you drink, but many people still believe that they retain the full use of their senses with a glass or two and they feel confident going home safely.

This is a sentiment not shared by the powers that be, hence the random breath tests, and the quite serious consequences of being convicted of a drink driving offence.

Keep in mind that being arrested does not automatically mean that you are on your way to jail. It only means that there is reasonable suspicion that you are guilty of the offence that you are arrested with. The charges can be dropped in very limited circumstance, and there may be some prospect of you not receiving a criminal conviction, or having the automatic disqualification period reduced, or a more modest fine or other penalty imposed -IF you know the law and this is where you need a criminal solicitor.

There are many technicalities that can come up with criminal law. Even if you read up on it, which is a good thing, you are unlikely to be able to properly defend yourself in court to get the best possible outcome available in your case.

It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced lawyer who will ensure that your rights are protected and you get the “not guilty” or other favourable outcome that you want.


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