Traffic Lawyers Sydney

Much of our waking hours are spent on the road. It goes without saying that a good part of the driving population has figured in some traffic violation or another. There are traffic lawyers Sydney that would help you with your problems in this matter.

There are several traffic violations that are in place. You have the typical speeding, running a red light, not heeding traffic signs, reckless driving, negligent driving – the list could go on and on. If you get in trouble with these things, traffic lawyers Sydney can help you. However, there are certain road mishaps that are not covered by traffic law.

traffic lawyers sydneyThe most common of these criminal offences that come before the Courts is driving under the influence. Many countries from around the world, from Nepal to Australia, have been bearing down on drunk drivers because this is one of the leading causes of deaths on the road. Random breath tests are being conducted by officers at all times of the day to ensure the safety of the roads. The problem is that many people don’t know you don’t have to be extremely drunk to be charged with this—if your blood alcohol reading exceeds the legal limit in the breathalyzer, you are in a very real danger of being convicted of a criminal charge.

You mean it doesn’t matter if I don’t even make any damages, drink driving is a criminal offence? Yes. This is listed as a misdemeanour and will be punished accordingly. There are three levels of prescribed concentration of alcohol in the blood (PCA) from the low range to mid range to high range and depending on where you are classified at, you will be arrested if you don’t pass the breathalyzer test.

Now, don’t panic at the sound of “arrest”. Arrest doesn’t mean you will be locked behind bars for any period of time, it only means that there is reasonable suspicion of the charge that was brought against you, and in that context the police are of course entitled to go through the legal processes required to arrest and charge you.

You have a choice to defend yourself in court, but it is recommended that you hire a criminal lawyer to represent you and protect your rights. After all, you may feel like you are innocent, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you might very well make the matter worse and get yourself convicted. Invest in yourself and get the best one you can find.

Find out more about traffic lawyers Sydney and other helpful information on drunk driving.

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